Stussy & Rip Zinger for Ricoh’s GRIII


Stussy & Rip Zinger for Ricoh’s GRIII

The last time I was in Tokyo, I met up with Rip Zinger to hang out for a little bit. He was stoked on this new camera Ricoh had sent him; the GRIII. All night, was snapping photos and showing us the different lens assemblies that could be run on the Ricoh GR body. Pretty rad little camera. Expensive, but the image quality is as the best Ricoh has ever offered through the GR line.

Stussy has a feature up on their site showcasing some of Rip’s snapshots he took while using the new GRIII. There are some good ones in there, so head over and check them out.

Make sure to hit the 2nd feature to see Rip’s work. There’s one from the CMWC in there…