Strict Liability


Strict Liability

Just caught this at Copenhagenize and really felt like it was worth the repost. Show this to your family, your friends, your coworkers; anyone who drives a car and especially if they have any anti-cycling sentiments. Many EU countries hold to the Strict Liability law for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Some details on Strict Liability, via Copenhagenize:

– The UK is only one of four Western European countries that doesnt have ‘strict liability’ to protect cyclists and pedestrians.
– Strict liability entitles a crash victim to compensation unless the driver can prove the cyclist or pedestrian was at fault.
– Strict liability encourages more careful driving (and cycling, because a cyclist would be deemed to be at fault for crashing into a pedestrian).
– Strict liability would be a matter of civil rather than criminal law so would not affect criminal prosecutions.

It’s essentially a pecking order law. Car vs. Cyclist vs. Pedestrian. I’m all for this kind of enforcement. That being said, it’s probably not coming to NYC anytime soon.