Stayin’ Warm At Frostbike – Jarrod Bunk

Stayin’ Warm At Frostbike
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Frostbike, it’s that time of the year when dealers from all over the country descend on the frozen tundra that is Minneapolis because in the middle of winter this is the one event sure to throw some logs on your fire and rekindle that stoke.  Sadly I flew in a day shy of what I’m sure were some of the best presentations in recent memory.  The expo wasn’t devoid of the flash that I thought it may be, instead, there was a smattering of new bits from QBP’s house brands as well as some other fantastic brands that QBP distributes. This gallery is full of some new product all of which are now off embargo.

Since its inception, Frostbike has been held out of Quality Bicycle Products Minneapolis facility, but for 2020 the event is moving to Denver.


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