SSCXWC 2019 St. George: Ain’t No Party Like a SSCXWC Party Because a SSCXWC Party Don’t Stop

November 23rd, 2019 brought the absurd to Santa Clara, Utah with the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships. Less about racing, and more about chaos on a bicycle, the SSCXWC travels to a different destination every year to showcase a variety of terrain and whatever shenanigans the host city decides to throw at racers.

The weekend starts with the qualifying “Feats of Strength” the day before, which had racers doing a variety of activities including running with wheelbarrows, playing questionable T-ball, or even shooting baskets from their bike.

Race day brought an even crazier host of obstacles. Between riding through a trailer full of hecklers, an ENVE flaming barrier, a Jello-pit, or a race promoter who kept changing the course, it was a feat in itself to just finish with both bike and body intact.

SSCXWC20 Travels to Durango, Colorado, and we’ll definitely be there to continue this truly unique bicycle experience.