Speedvagen: Thursday in the Shop


Speedvagen: Thursday in the Shop


This is one insane wet paint job. Seriously. There’s just something about Vanilla’s Speedvagens that is so, well Portland. Beautifully-crafted! Here’s the back-story:

The bare frameset was sold recently though the Velocipede Salon (thanks Vsalon!) and the new owner (let’s call him Mr. Awesome), who also happens to have a rad SV SM cross bike on order, allowed me to try some stuff out on this new frame. Much of the graphic layout (shapes, not colors) is consistent with what we did on the Road SM’s. The main change is that I wanted to visually fill out the empty space on the top of the DT and the bottom of the TT, plus I wanted some of the graphic colors to carry onto the seattube between the BB and the TT, rather than having a big blank space.

Check out the rest of the photos here. I wanna see his SV Cross bike too!