Specialized Officially Closes Its Ambassador Program


Specialized Officially Closes Its Ambassador Program

This has been spinning in the rumor mill for a week or so, but today, Specialized emailed all of its ambassadors, announcing their contracts had been canceled. One of the people affected by this was Sarah Swallow, the director of Ruta Del Jefe and all-around bad-ass community organizer. Read on below for what she has to say about it.

Sarah penned the following on her Instagram this morning:

“Ambassador relationships are important for brand identity; they allow brands to stay connected, relevant, and engaged in cycling communities. We humanize brands and are event organizers, trail builders, route makers, writers, photographers, and advocates. Support from brands allows many of us to do the community work that we do. As a relatively new field in the industry, we can learn from this situation and advocate for more considerate terms in our future contracts.

I take my role in representing brands, building community, developing routes, and advocating for the sport very seriously. I work hard at it, am passionate, and love what I do. This work impacts people’s lives by inspiring them to get out, try a new adventure, connect with others, and expand their perspectives, and I plan to continue doing it. “

The Adventure program sponsored some of the community’s biggest names. This is a bummer to read, as many of these athletes relied on the Ambassador Program for their living. These contracts were canceled at the year’s end, making it impossible for them to land new contracts, as many companies have already announced their 2023 roster.

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