Spaghetti Western: A XCR Tommasini X Fire Disc Road Build

What do you call a stainless Italian disc road bike, built with Cinelli and Campagnolo, right here in Santa Fe? Spaghetti Western? Sure, why not?

Mellow Velo, purveyors of modern bikes, with a long history of building up classic Italian road racing machines, recently completed this build for a customer back on the East Coast. Adam, the owner of the bike, refinishes mouthpieces for saxophones, so as you can imagine, he has a particular penchant for procuring pristine pedal machines like this one. Luckily for him, David from Mellow Velo has a soft spot for modern Italian-made frames.

You might not be “into” disc road bikes or even Italian-built Tommasini X-Fire frames but damn, look at this thing! Any cyclist can appreciate the aesthetic of this bike and the build kit compliments it so well. The way the polished stainless absorbs the intense high desert sun is a real pleasure to photograph. I’m not joking either. This bike is a real beaut.

Campagnolo Chorus, a Cinelli Volare saddle, Yokozuna mechanical discs, and even those Campagnolo Zonda wheels look the part.

Builds like this are a labor of love for the team at Mellow Velo and in all this pandemic madness, it’s always nice to look forward to building one up and making a customer’s dream come true. For me, it was a real joy to polish up a beaut like this for a photoshoot in beautiful downtown Santa Fe.

If you’d like something spicy like this on your dinner plate, give the team at Mellow Velo a holler.