Baum Cycles

Darren Baum’s story is that of some bicycle super hero. He had formal training in aircraft engineering and worked as a stainless steel TIG welder before he even thought about making bicycle frames. In his youth, Darren was an A grade racer and it wasn’t until 1990 that a car accident rendered him unable to race. Soon after, he became obsessed with biomechanics and how it relates to bicycle design.

Before he knew it, Darren was apprenticing under Brian Cross where he began to build with pressed lugs, silver solder and Reynolds 753. Now, 20 years later, Baum Cycles is producing some of the finest frames in the world, from their humble little shop in Geelong, Victoria. Andy White of FYXO used his leverage to get me into their top-secret facilities where I was able to observe these pristine ti and stainless frames being born.


Baum Cycles
7 Seabright St
North Shore VIC 3214
Tel+61 3 5277 1933
Fax+61 3 5277 1688
Twitter @baumcycles

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