SF Shop Visit: Mission Workshop


SF Shop Visit: Mission Workshop


If there is any company in the urban cycling world that deserves the hustler award, it’s Mission Workshop. When the guys who started MW got their momentum going, there was no stopping them! Only a year or so into the company and their bags are not only one of the most iconic messenger bags in the industry, they’re also one of the most popular. It’s kinda hard to comprehend just how Bart and the crew operate out of this small warehouse on Rondel Place in the Mission but they do!

Check out more photos from my SF Shop Visit to Mission Workshop below!


Branding. It’s a hydra waiting to eat itself. It can either boost or burden your business. One thing that Mission Workshop has always had right has been their branding. Their rugged, yet simple and minimally-designed products hit a home run with the young professional bicycle commuters and messengers alike.


Their use of recycled materials reflects from their flagship store all the way through their tradeshow booths and pop up shops.


Proper colorways on their comfortable bags is only one facet of Mission Workshop’s space…


They also carry Outlier and Aether.


For your feet, they stock DZR and Quoc Pham.


It’s easy to overlook the simple architectural detailing found at MW but I can’t get over how elegant they are.


Much like their bags.


The modular system allows for cubical insertions.


And it makes for a really clean space. Each bag ordered from Mission Workshop is packaged and shipped from this storefront. Upstairs is their design studios and a sewing machine where Bart will work on prototypes and repairs. It really is an exercise in incubator business practices!


If you’re in SF and you wanna check out some killer bags and chat with some cool dudes, swing through Mission Workshop! There are a few more photos at my Flickr, so checkem out!

Mission Workshop
40 Rondel Place
San Francisco, Ca 9410
MON-SAT 10:30am-6:30pm
THURS 10:30am-8pm
SUN 12pm-6:30pm