SF Shop Visit: Citizen Chain Cyclery


SF Shop Visit: Citizen Chain Cyclery


I tend to like the bike shops that posses what I call “vintage steez”. Sure, I have my alliances with vintage steel and 1″ steerers but who can seriously say that a vintage road or track bike isn’t one of the most elegant machines ever designed? I’m sure that’s a stretch but after visiting a shop like Citizen Chain Cyclery in SF last week, I’d doubt anyone would be able to just walk in and out without taking note of the Beautiful Bicycles hanging from their walls and ceiling.

Check out more photos from my visit to Citizen Chain Cyclery below!


So where’d they get the name Citizen Chain?


With a heavy stock of vintage goods, you’d assume that a shop like this wouldn’t cater to the commuters of the neighborhood. That’s not the case at all. Dallas and the crew offer a wide-range of services and products to suite just about every facet of cycling that walks through the door.


You just have to overlook this majestic masterpiece before you get the other stuff.


And one thing’s for certain, they aren’t slackin’ on the vintage steez.


At some point you note the color-coordination of their displays. That red RB-1 on the left was tough to pass up!


Speaking of passing up, I totally missed out on this Serotta-built Huffy a few months back on Craigslist and it was one of the first things I noticed when I walked into the shop.


My head was spinning at this point.




So where were we? Oh yeah, back to the commuter and cycling apparel.


It’s not often you see a fully-equipped library in a bike shop amongst mixtes and commuter frames.


Citizen Chain has one of the most pronounced storefronts on Powell street.


And their hours are perfect for your morning commute or after-work repair and if you don’t live in the area, the next time you’re in SF, make sure you swing by! Or, you can browse their products for sale on Pedalr. Here are a few more photos:

These are also at my Flickr!

Citizen Chain Cyclery
2064 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 796-2925