Save Keirin Berlin


Save Keirin Berlin


Being priced out of your location is not fun and unfortunately, it’s hit Keirin Berlin:

“Last week our landlord informed us, that he will increase the rent by 30% and will try to sell the storefront. This will lead to the end of #KeirinBerlin We don’t have rich parents, nor do we have lots of cash on Swiss bank-accounts. Moving is not really an option, as #Berlin gets sold to investors and it’s only a matter of time till not only #Kreuzberg is the new Brooklyn… When we moved here in 2004, they begged us to take this place and gave us a 50% reduce on the rent. Please share this! And if you have any ideas let us know! We will be working on some projects to not only#savethetrackbike but to keep the first ever cycle culture cafe going and #savekeirinberlin as thisisnotamerica#gentrification sucks not only on #gentrificationtuesdaysPlease won’t let Leonard Cohen’s prediction “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin…” happen and #rideyourbike everyday, because #cycling not only unites..”

Stay tuned to the @KeirinBerlin Instagram for updates, as I’m sure Mort will develop a plan shortly.