Sarah’s Madrean Pinion Gearbox S&S Dirt Tourer

Last week, we took a look inside the shop of Madrean Fabrication and Hubert’s own dirt tourer. Now we get an up close and personal look at Sarah’s Pinion gearbox, S&S coupler dirt tourer.

Both Sarah’s and Hubert’s Madrean have very similar details in terms of construction and stance. They’re both designed to be a multi-day bikepacking machine, where the only limit in terms of trip time is the rider’s schedule. For Sarah, she spends a lot of her year bikepacking or touring all over the world, so having a stout and reliable bike is of the utmost importance, hence the Pinion Gearbox.

Since the Pinion is sealed and requires little maintenance, she won’t have to worry about snapping a derailleur during a rocky hike a bike, or bending a derailleur hanger. Naturally, the main downside to the Pinion is weight. Luckily, however, Hubert’s tubing selection makes up a bit for that, while offering a spry ride quality. Then, to aid in traveling with a bike and avoiding airline fees, Sarah’s bike is built with S&S couplers.

Personally, I can’t wait to see where Sarah takes her bike this year. You can follow her journeys on Instagram.

Regarding price, availability and other details essential to purchasing, hold tight. We’ll post updates here as events warrant.


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