Salsa Terminates Jay Petervary’s Contract


Salsa Terminates Jay Petervary’s Contract

In response to this year’s Tour Divide controversy, Salsa just announced they have terminated Jay Petervary’s contract:

“Dear Adventure Community,

Some of you may be aware of the public debate of rules surrounding this year’s Tour Divide. While we appreciate a healthy discussion, we were disappointed by the behavior of Salsa Cycles sponsored athlete Jay Petervary. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to end our sponsorship agreement with Jay.

We would like to make clear that our decision was not based on the Tour Divide rules, nor the interpretation of those rules. During the conflict that surrounded this year’s Tour Divide, Jay’s conduct simply did not align with our brand values of empathy, community, and positivity.

Over the years, Jay has been an important partner for Salsa Cycles in supporting and growing Adventure By Bike. We wish him the best in his next adventure.


Salsa Cycles”

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