Salsa Cycles: Gravel and Gratitude – Krystal Salvent

Salsa has launched a sub-site called Gravel and Gratitude and this morning, the first of three videos launched, featuring Krystal Salvent:

“During my time as a fitness professional teaching cycling classes in New York City, my best friend encouraged me to take the “spinning” thing outside. At that moment I thought, “I don’t know how to ride a bike but it can’t be too difficult, right? I teach on a stationary bike multiple times a week. The transition should be easy.” So I signed up for America’s Most Beautiful Ride, a 100-mile charity ride that helps fund leukemia and lymphoma research. With some hope, a commitment to learning something new, and a three-month deadline to figure it all out, my journey into riding was born.”

Head to Gravel and Gratitude to read the full story!