Saddle Drive is the Best – Jarrod Bunk

Editor’s note: Jarrod recently attended Saddle Drive, Quality Bicycle Product’s outdoor showcase for their forthcoming products. This included components, accessories and complete bicycles from brands like Salsa, Surly and All City. Jarrod spent two days there, photographing new components on day one and on day two, complete bikes. Here’s day one.

Saddle Drive is the Best
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Saddle Drive is an event that is very similar to Frostbike, however the premise is a bit different Saddle Drive allows QBP dealers and media some time on 2017 Products. The tradeshow aspect is a bit toned down, to allow for maximum time on saddle. Following the All City party the night of arrival, day one started off slow. I was able to ride the new Karate Monkey from Surly, The Salsa Cycles Woodsmoke, new Mukluk, and the All City Spacehorse disc to name a few. Spending most all of day one riding bikes in high alpine was, well, one of the best experiences of my life, and being on some stellar bikes made it that much sweeter. Thanks to Kyle and Bobby for taking me to the top at Pluto and shredding back down.


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