Rolling Through Albuquerque’s Two Wheel Drive

Pandemic life means a lot of the normal, day-to-day coverage we cherished has gotten put on hold. One of which are Shop Visits. While I’ve been sticking local to Santa Fe over the past twelve months, my friend Nick was able to submit a Shop Visit to his local digs, Two Wheel Drive down in Albuquerque. Read on for Nick’s photos and words by Zach, Two Wheel Drive’s manager…

Mechanic stations dominate the view when you first walk into this very service-forward shop, and you’re greeted by the staff of obviously excited bike lovers. Two Wheel Drive is a bike shop a lot like so many others, What sets it apart is its dedication to helping people figure out their own bike-based adventures in whatever form they may take, and the fact that they’ve been doing it for almost forty years.

When Charlie and Daniel first opened the doors the fact that mountain bikes were not yet a thing did not stop them from leading overnight bike trips into the Sandia and Jemez mountains of central New Mexico. At the same time, the daily operations revolved around Keeping college students and the neighborhood families up and rolling to whatever daily adventures a bike could help them find.

As the off-road riding world kept growing and dedicated mountain bikes became the thing the Two Wheel Drive crew was fundamental in the development of trails and the early races in the area. The shop is to this day a bit of a museum to this age of cycling. The collection of old event shirts, displays of vintage parts, and dozens of steel bikes with polished cranksets take the place of modern fit machines and race kits in this little shop.

That doesn’t mean they don’t also have modern bikes in carbon and Ti, but they won’t hesitate to show off some fresh steel too. The current staff is keeping the old ways alive with campouts and day trips happening as much as 2020 allows. If you’re in the area they are always happy to help with trail or route advice.

Two Wheel Drive
4001 Central NE
Albuquerque, NM

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11-5pm