Rodeo Labs Spork 2.0 Builder Series: Alchemy Custom All-Road

Rodeo Labs Spork 2.0 Builder Series: Alchemy Custom All-Road
Photos by Me Fitzgerald words by Stephen Fitzgerald

When you work for a custom builder like Alchemy it must be quite a thing to stare at a blank sheet of paper and decide what sort of bike you want to create for yourself. I guess that’s why Drew went custom-custom with this bike. This Alchemy gravel bike most closely resembles the company’s ‘Chiron’ model, but there is nothing stock about it. Geometry, tubing, cable management, and even paint design were all worked over and personalized.

“Geometry and oversized tubing were designed to carry load and handle different speeds with stability and predictability. The frame is Di2 specific with internal guides for the rear brake through the downtube and chainstay and a Di2 exit port inside the rear dropout keeping external appearances super tidy. Less cable exposure = less potential problems when offroad.”

(Side note: I know John Watson doesn’t agree with that last part but see?… Diversity of ideas!)

Drew doesn’t care about competing in races or smashing the peloton in general so it’s no surprise that his personal build ended being capable of pretty much anything with a quick wheel change. My favorite aesthetic detail on Drew’s bike is the polished logo on the down tube that he added as a nod towards his life partner / doggo Nanook. The chainstay states “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me.” as a reminder to use bikes as a tool to create and engulf yourself in truly unique experiences.


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