Rob’s Schwinn Paramount Track


Rob’s Schwinn Paramount Track

While I was at Affinity today, I ran into Rob from Hold Fast. He was riding his recently re-acquired Schwinn Paramount; as locals may recall, it was stolen months ago and he was contacted a few weeks back by a guy who ‘saw it on the internet’ and reported it. Luckily it was in the same condition when he lost it; pristine. Crazy right? Well, I snapped a few shots of it to launch-off the new Category on Prolly is not Probably, Beautiful Bicycles (I was going to call it Bike Porn, but that can sometimes lead to malicious spam, etc).

Anyway, here’s his Paramount, all chromed out in all it’s beauty. Unfortunately, he had some non-period-correct pedals on it, so I couldn’t get the side shots. There are a few more photos below, so check them out!

Titan bars and stem.

Schwinn headbadge.

Reynolds 531 decal.

Mavic tubulars, MA2’s I think.

The original Schwinn Paramount decals.

That’s a period-correct chain tensioner. Neat huh?