Ripton’s New Black Acid Jorts


Ripton’s New Black Acid Jorts

Paraphrasing product descriptions seems moot when they’re this good, so I’ll let Ripton take it from here:

“We take one part spark-plug fluid. An unhealthy helping of axle grease. And a macro-dose of brain-bending, jet black acid. Then mix in a five-gallon bucket until the contents resemble ooze spilling from Chernobyl’s long-lost singletrack. Drop in a pair of Ripton tech jorts, top off with a splash of Four Loko, and apply a light smoke. 24 hours later, we unearth our mutated masterpiece: the V3 Black Acid technical denim jort.”

Updated high-rise fit, technical mesh pockets, technical zipper and button.
bluesign® certified
Ripton Steelknit® 38% weft stretch denim
MSRP: $89

Available for men and women at Ripton for pre-order with a December 10th shipment date.