Ride with GPS’ New Heatmap Route Planning Assistant


Ride with GPS’ New Heatmap Route Planning Assistant

There’s nothing worse than ending up on the shoulder of a highway due to bad planning, only to find later that a pleasant gravel road was another option. Heat maps show the most popular routes cyclists ride in dense urban environments, rural areas, and beyond. They are helpful when visiting a new city, or learning how to commute by bike safely and of course, when planning rides and routes.

Ride with GPS has rolled out a new mobile and web-compatible heatmap, which aids in planning rides and routes, worldwide. You can check it out on the web at Ride with GPS and on the iOS and Android mobile apps. The heatmap is viewable when recording a ride, for free, for all Ride with GPS members, and also available for Basic and Premium members as an overlay in the Mobile Route Planner for creating and editing routes on the fly.

Head to Ride with GPS’ blog post for more information and pick up your app today to start planning.