Ride the Gamut: A Massive Unbound Gravel Gallery

Last weekend the town of Emporia, Kansas hosted the world’s largest gravel race, Unbound Gravel. When the event started in 2006, it only offered the milestone 200-mile route. With the growing popularity of gravel racing and in an attempt to make the race more accessible to all cyclists, Unbound Gravel now offers a total of six racecourses. Participants can now choose between 25, 50, 100, 200, and the big, bad 350-mile course. There’s even a High School event! While the 200 is still the marquee distance for the event, Unbound has something for everyone looking to get dusty out in the Flint Hills.

Unbound has grown with the popularity of gravel races, growing from a startline of 34 racers back in 2006 to nearly 4,000 riders from all 50 states and 38 countries in 2021.

Photographer Ian Matteson was on the ground for the weekend and has delivered a massive gallery that runs the gamut of the participants on course, so enjoy this slideshow showcasing the course, the riders, and the rolling hills vernacular. If you were at the event, chances are you might spot yourself in this Reportage so enjoy!

We’d like to thank Ian, who works at ENVE for delivering a specially curated selection for the Radavist.

Head to Unbound to see the race results from last weekend’s event.