Ride Along: Mudfoot’s Eric Brunt

If you’ve ever ridden with Eric Brunt aka Skullcrusher then you’re well aware of this dude’s strength on a bicycle. A recent transplant to Los Angeles, Eric spends his weekends doing insane rides (like going up Cloudburst, TWICE in one day) and soaking in the San Gabriel mountains.

The last time I was visiting Los Angeles, I shot some photos of Eric at GSC, working on his Ibis cross bike. Check out a ride along interview below!

What is your sigil?

What’s up with the mustache and muscles? You trying to break the hearts of internet boys and girls, dude?
You must have me confused with Cole Maness.

Where are you from?
I’ll always be from Nebraska, but I was born in 29 Palms California.

Nebraska huh? What made you want to come to LA?
Omaha is rad, loads of gravel to ride & some great people. I came to Los Angeles to push & challenge myself on the bike.

What was something you didn’t anticipate about riding in Los Angeles?
My first visit to LA in late March 2012, I did all my riding in the Santa Monica mountains & dirt Mulholland. Which I was blown away by. A month later the training paid off with a win at Trans Iowa.

Then in March 2013, I popped in to GSC in search of some local rides. Instantly I was treated like an old friend & found myself ripping with Kyle & Ty all week. That was it, my mind was made up.

I never anticipated having the friendships I have here so quickly. That’s the great thing about suffering together on the bike.

You just recently got over being injured, right? What happened?
Yeah, I was hit by a car that ran a red light in Hollywood. My brake lever pierced my thigh all the way to the femur. I had a few days in the hospital & $80K in bills.

It truly was one of the worst stretches of my life, but throughout It all you just have to stay positive & know that it will pass.

If you had $3,000 tomorrow to buy a bike, what would you pick up and from where?
I would really like a Hunter or Stinner “road” bike, that would fit a 30c tire & drilled for a third bottle cage. Basically the Rapha Continental bike.


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Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400