Review: Scuba – Triangulation


Review: Scuba – Triangulation


Paul Rose is no stranger to dubstep. Since the early 2000’s, Smith has been producing beats under his moniker Scuba. In 2003 he founded the now booming Hotflush Recordings. Much like dubstep itself, Scuba’s beats are vast and without boundaries. While you won’t find wobbly basslines in his music, Rose joins the ranks of 2562, Falty DL, Martyn, Vex’d and Joy Orbison in a new wave of dub-bass rhythms. Enter Triangulation, a vivifying and visceral experience marking a new height of ambient dubstep.

Check out the rest of the review, including a video for “Before” below.

Scuba – ‘Before’ from FACT Magazine on Vimeo.

Following A Mutual Antipathy (released in 2008), and the more recent Aesaunic EP (released in 2009), Triangulation (due out at the end of March) takes hold of Scuba’s intent as a musician and producer to further emphasize that dubstep has no lines of demarcation. Much like his label-mates, Scuba’s experimental sounds mimic older house and garage beats from the early 90’s in the UK. The track above, entitled “Before” is a prime cut on the LP, landing smack middle in the 12-track album. Other tracks of note include “You Got Me” and “So You Think You’re Special”, both of which were released earlier on a 12″. “Lights Out” closes out the album with an 8-minute long two-step track similar to many of Burial’s masterpieces.

With a plethora of beats and experimental sounds, Scuba’s Triangulation is sure to mystify and engage. Coming in at just under an hour, the album is nothing short of a success. Be on the look out for the CD at your local record shop on March 22nd. If you want to peer into Scuba’s mind, Fact Magazine has an interview with the producer here.

1. Descent
2. Latch
3. Three Sided Shape
4. Minerals
5. On Deck
6. Before
7. Tracers
8. You Got Me
9. So You Think You’re Special
10. Heavy Machinery
11. Glance
12. Lights Out