Review: Elder – Elder (S/T)


Review: Elder – Elder (S/T)

This album, even though it came out in April this year, still gives me the feeling that Sleep gave me when I listened to them for the first time. That’s the best way to describe Elder‘s sound; Sleep worship. The entire disk plays like some lovechild of Haikus, Cisneros, Choi and Pike. Are Nick Disalvo, Chas Mitchell, and Matt Couto the blood of the great Southern California doom band? Maybe!

It’s not easy to perfect whole “doom” sound, but these guys come pretty damn close. At the opening track White Walls you’re given a nice dose of the sludgy sound that many bands in the 90’s perfected. Riddle of Steel Pt. 1 and Riddle of Steel Pt. 2 are some of the best stoner doom tracks of the year. So good. Checkem out if you get a chance. The guys are working on some new material, so be on the watch for a new EP or LP soon!

More information here at Concrete Lo-Fi Records.