Review: Chain-L N°5


Review: Chain-L N°5

After the last post I made about Chain-L N°5, the Mt. Vernon NY-based brand offered to send me some samples. They didn’t ask me to review it, or even plug it, they just wanted to give me the opportunity to use their product again. It is still one of the best chain lubes I’ve used. It really silenced my road bike right up. I’m going to put it on my track bike tonight. I’m not alone in my observation either…

It’s legit as hell and based on the comments in the last post, I’m convinced Chain-L have done their homework. Check out their FAQ and How to Use guide for more information. If you want to pick up a bottle, head over to their online shop. Remember, for $4 shipped you can always try a 1oz sample of it.

N°5 Chain-L