Revel Bikes: New XC RW27 Wheels


Revel Bikes: New XC RW27 Wheels

The RW27 is the narrower and lighter sibling to Revel’s groundbreaking RW30 wheelset. Think of them as a lighter and zippier wheelset for XC or riding where the terrain doesn’t demand stouter wheels. These wheels are made in the United States from the revolutionary “FusionFiber” material, which replaces resin with a nylon-like material. It combined with German and Japanese fibers results in a rim that is 100% recyclable. The RW27 offers the same flex as the RW30, but is 50g lighter.

-27mm width
-29” rim diameter
-Available in 28H or 32H drilling
-Complete wheels or rim only
-Wheelsets available with 28H Industry 9 Hydra (1740g) or 1/1 hub (1770g) options
-XD or Microspline driver body options
-ERD: 592
-Rim depth 35mm
-Rim only weight: 430g
-Lifetime warranty
-Rim is recyclable FusionFiber material
-Recommended tire width 2.2-2.5”
-Rim only $699 – i9 1/1 wheelset $1975 – i9 Hydra wheelset

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