Rest in Peace: Vanni Pettenella


Rest in Peace: Vanni Pettenella

VANNI PETTENELLA GOLD AND SILVER MEDAL 1964 TOKYO from camilla candida donzella on Vimeo.

Camilla Candida has been interviewing renown framebuilder Vanni Pettenella for 5 years. Last weekend, he passed away, leaving only his legacy behind. On top of all his racing accomplishments, he also copyrighted an aero frame design that was used by many frame builders. Eventually companies used his idea and began to make their own proprietary aero shape. Once this started to happen, they stopped paying Pettenella for his design. Colnago was the only company who continued to support him. Watch this brief interview Camilla put together to commemorate her longtime friend.

Rest in Peace
Vanni Pettenella
1943 – 2010