Resistance Racing’s Oakland Tracklocross National Championship

The Bay Area in Northern California is well known to be the reservoir for good times and burly riders. Back in June, the Oakland Tracklocross National Championship took place – where racers would battle out for the first Tracklocross World Championship Title. Racers and spectators came from all over California, as well as participants from Chicago and Florida. The atmosphere took shape once everyone converged at the bottom of a hill. Everyone had to ride up a mile or so to commence the hike a bike. Poison oak surrounded the area, deep rutted and broken up dirt roads gave participants a sneak peek in what the course would entail.

There were sections of the course that would perhaps make racers second guess themselves, however, everyone more than proved themselves worthy and tactful. The pump track section was one area that both racers and spectators got really rowdy. In the midst of racers pumping their bodies with the earth, those on the sidelines could climb up a tree to get optimal angles on the racecourse.

Yet another sketchy aspect of the course had two drop-ins, where inevitably many folks fell and some flew into a bush (which would become known as the “safety bush”). However, there was thankfully no serious injuries. The descents and climbs were dusty and unforgiving, but the spirit of the event was essentially a party in the rolling hills of Oakland. The racecourse took plenty of labor and volunteer work and we would like to thank you all for putting in the effort to enlivening this space, which was formerly a mountain bike trail back in the ’90s.

Resistance Racing is no stranger to inclusivity, in which the WTFNB (women, trans, femme, non-binary) held their own category for the first time in Tracklocross. There were 15 participants, one from Florida and another from Chicago battling out for the Championships held in Japan this August.

The winner of the race won a free ticket to Tokyo to shred and attempt to the claim the Tracklocross World Championships. However, Sammi Runnels is unable to attend due to Rochester Cyclocross and the U.S. World Cups. Local Bay Area hero and second-place winner, Michelle Wilcox will be in attendance. Although Kazzle Spencer and Kell McKenzie held tight throughout the first portion of the race, McKenzie pedaled through and will be in Japan this month, on the weekend of August 31st.