Resistance Racing Nationals: Golden Gate Park

A few weeks back, the third and final Resistance Racing Tracklocross Race Series started off from Swell Bicycles Shop and out to Golden Gate Park. Looking back at the first race in Albany (discarded concrete block, choppy singletrack, and an 80 ft climb), we didn’t know what would be in store for us. The final race consisted of smooth single track, short descends, off-camber turns and my personal favorite, a log pile ramp. These bay area shredders were nuts!

Tracklocross has been one of my favorite captures in the cycling community due to its nature that reminds me of my days in skateboarding; low camera angles, shredding spots you probably shouldn’t, and the consumption of beer with friends. It amazes me how this sport can bring together a diverse set of individuals and create something unique. Jean Padilla and Nick Keane, founders of Resistance Racing, gives us a reminder that we all should share and treat everyone equally.

The WFTNB (Womens/trans/femme/non-binary) has doubled their field from 3 to 6 people and if RR can get over 15 WTF, Non-Binary people to register, they will have their own race – which will be the first in Tracklocross history… So let’s make it happen!!

Tracklocross nationals are fast approaching and Resistance Racing has a special treat for ya. Whoever wins Nationals will get a plane ticket to Japan for Tracklocross Worlds, so spread the word!

Check in on Resistance Racing’s Instagram for more details!

Tracklocross Nationals Bay Area | June 21-23
Tracklocross Worlds Championships Japan | August 29th – September 1st