REload Bags: Flight Pack


REload Bags: Flight Pack

One of the things that’s nice about being a small, grassroots company is the ability to churn out new ideas quickly. You come up with an idea and spend some time developing it, which production continues to run like clockwork. The guys at REload developed a new light weight backpack after extensive talks about making a bag that was almost barely noticeable when not loaded down. Here’s the beginning of their introduction to the new Flight Pack:

Several months ago a couple of us were in the studio and the subject of a “soft” Midpack came up. Most of us here have left the days of messengering behind us, and so we tend to use double-straps on a daily basis. The Midpack is awesome, but sometimes you just want something really simple, and moreover you want something that’s lightweight for the times where you really don’t have much in it. This is the same line of thinking that originally lead us to create the Sprint/Dash and Softpack models, which are basically a trivial amount of weight when they’re empty.

Head over to the REload blog to continue reading about the new Flight Pack.