Jamming Out in Los Angeles

Well, not that kinda jamming.

I’ve been very fortunate every time I’ve been to LA, only because I have the best friends there. Friends who are the best ride guides and of course, own the best bike shop in LA (I mean the best bar in Silverlake). Tracko took me on one of the best cross rides I’ve been on in Los Angeles the last time I was in town. Parts of it were very LA, while other sections felt like Austin and some even reminded me (mostly smelled like) Australia. We got to fuck around a bit on tech sections, avoid dog walkers, took a few spills and hammered it home just in time for lunch. Los Angeles really does have some of the best bike riding in the country…

We totalled 48 miles and around 3,600′ of elevation but who gives a shit about the numbers with trails like this. See for yourself below!

Tools of the trade:
Yashica t4
Fuji Pro 400H