Readers’ Rides: Zach’s 90’s Team Stumpjumper


Readers’ Rides: Zach’s 90’s Team Stumpjumper

This week’s Readers’ Rides comes from Zach and his 1990s Team Stumpjumper. We love seeing these old mountain bikes repurposed and Zach’s looks a real treat. Let’s check it out below!

Just wanted to share my Stumpie with you guys!

My 90’s Team Stumpjumper with Tange prestige tubing! Bought in my hometown of Bakersfield CA, built at Grizzly Cycles by the man who actually built these wheels up in 93’ for his roommate/friend to race XC on in the hills of Annandale, CA. Still sending it on the gravel and single track as it did out in the North Bay long ago!

Here in its final form, on the front range of Colorado. I built this to be somewhat of a middle finger to how the market and mindset of bicycle products are today. To keep, and not flip in a year because bikes are now very disposable. I wanted simple, rugged, a do it all “ATB” as some folk call it nowadays.

A mix of all the type A racer in me, and the chilleür shredder mentality that I try and live by. New, and old. A mix of some og XT products, bar-end shifters, and when the old meets the new Specialized parts and accessories. You can tell I took a lot of inspiration from the “Crux Jumper”.

The Mars JFF tires really tied it all together for me, making it feel nimble and fast like this bike was meant to be ridden when it was born! My only bike at the moment, and such a treat to commute on and get cutty with! P.S. that stem was hand-made in Bakersfield as well by my good friend Andy.

We’d like to thank all of you who have submitted Readers Rides builds to be shared over here. The response has been incredible and we have so many to share over the next few months. Feel free to submit your bike, listing details, components, and other information. You can also include a portrait of yourself with your bike and your Instagram account! Please, shoot landscape-orientation photos, not portrait. Thanks!