Readers’ Rides: Marcel’s Singlespeed Kona Unit


Readers’ Rides: Marcel’s Singlespeed Kona Unit

People love their Kona Units and with good reason! Marcel breaks down his build for us in today’s Readers’ Rides…

Dear Radavist individuals.

I´m Marcel from Dresden, Germany and this should be no advertisement for my employer r2-bike ;) I want to share my Kona Unit with you and your readers. And yes, I know, it´s just one more Unit but there were a just few things and questions for that I don´t find helpful answers before:

Why not a longer lower slacker commuter bicycle?
… it fits very fine to me, I´m almost 2 meters tall but have short legs

Fit the Surly Porteur House Bag into a large Wald Basket #139?
… because there weren’t many options for bags here in Europe Mainland

How do spin 27,5+ x 2,80 tires thru SKS´s Bluemels 75 Long Set?
… fine, if you have stiff hand build wheels and straight spinning tires – sometimes not easy as much at Maxxis tires ;).

Btw: I use this tire size because my Nicolai Argon GLF (an enduro hardtail or so) use the same tire sizes and so I can use old tires to the end.

Btw two: it´s very comfortable on Dresden’s old town streets between many tram tracks.

Can I go with the light cable thru the fork leg? It looks sooo much better!
… and no one has informed you that the Kona P2 Fork is torque cap compatible

The thing with oval chainrings on singlespeed drivetrains?
… you? No sorry. I was a believer when I first rode it.

Part List:
Frame & Fork & Seatpost: KONA Unit X 2021
Headbadge: Jen Green
Fender: SKS Bluemels 75 U LONG
Tires: MAXXIS or old ones of your choice 27.5+ x 2,80
Rims: DT SWISS M 582
Spokes & Nipples: SAPIM Race
Front Hub & Lights: SON
Rear Hub: PAUL COMPONENTS Disk Word Boost
Chain: should be actual a KMC 11speed
Chainring: GARBARUK Melon oval Direct Mount 34 T
Crank & Brakes: SHIMANO SLX (7100)
Discs & Pads: TR!CKSTUFF
Handlebar Endcaps: CANE CREEK eeBarKeep
Grips: WOLFTOOTH Fat Paw Teal
Handlebar & Saddle: SQ LAB
Bell: SPURCYLE + Wolftooth Remount for Matchmaker (fits well on iSpec EV)
A-Head Cap & Sticker: SUICYCLE
Rack: BLB Brick Lane Bikes (silver & selfmade heat anodized)
Basket: WALD 139
Bag: SURLY Porteur House
Bottle Cage: ARUNDEL Loony Bin Cage
Helpful Piece: NEWMEN Torque Cap Adapter… each one cut into two pieces and stick around the drain holes

Pictures made by: Theresa Donath

Cups made by:

Coffee Shop:

All about, it´s not that lightweight and/or high-end stuff at every end of this Unit and it´s not what´s maybe someone expects from an r2-bike colleague.

But after around one year, I can say it´s a really good daily work steel pony what do the job for what it is very well.

I hope you like it too and want to excuse if my English is a little bit humble.

We’d like to thank all of you who have submitted Readers Rides builds to be shared over here. The response has been incredible and we have so many to share over the next few months. Feel free to submit your bike, listing details, components, and other information. You can also include a portrait of yourself with your bike and your Instagram account! Please, shoot landscape-orientation photos, not portrait. Thanks!