Reader’s 4th of July: Dan and His Acadia Adventure


Reader’s 4th of July: Dan and His Acadia Adventure


As a continuation of my Reader’s 4th of July, I’m sharing with you Dan’s Acadia Adventure!

“After hanging at the BFF in NY last weekend,
I took off from Somerville, MA for the long holiday weekend upto Bar Harbor, Maine & Acadia National Park.

I brought my S&S coupler Surly bike along to ride the famous carriage roads while my girlfriend went hiking w/ her friend. It’s easy to stash the Surly in the trunk of my girl’s car, compared to the flight case.”

Check out more below!


“Acadia is a gorgeous place and tons of great riding to be had.
Here’s a few pics from a 15 mile carriage road ride ending at Jordan Pond in front of the “Bubbles” peaks.

The Jordan Pond house looks out at the Bubbles peaks.
It was a very popular place to end up for lunch in the park….looks like BORF has been here before too.”


“Hope you had a great Fourth! I sure did!

Back to work for now… only 40 more days until Yellowstone Park!”

Thanks for sharing Dan!

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