In Stock For Now: The Radavist Edition Ombraz Dolomite Sunnies


In Stock For Now: The Radavist Edition Ombraz Dolomite Sunnies

In the coming year, we’ll be rolling out quite a few product collaborations we’re proud of, with the first being this Radavist edition Ombraz Dolomite sunnies. For those unfamiliar, Ombraz designs armless sunglasses that are virtually indestructible. Or, perhaps I should say, more robust than standard sunnies. Without arms, these glasses pack down flat, making them easy to store in a pocket, and since they rely on a cord to tighten, can be hung around your neck when not in use with ease. I’ve been wearing Ombraz since the brand’s inception and have been hooked, prompting this collaboration. Let’s check it out below.

The Radavist Edition Ombraz Dolomite

When I first saw Ombraz, I was immediately curious. Most of my time outdoors is spent with a camera in hand, and sunglasses interfere with both vintage rangefinders and modern EVF mirrorless cameras, so I’m constantly taking my sunnies off and putting them back on.

With traditional arm sunglasses, even with Chums or Croakies, the arms were continually getting in the way. Once I used Ombraz, I found a new favorite sunglasses system, and it doesn’t hurt that the company is small, fun, and owned by genuinely great people!

I’ve tried many of Ombraz’s offerings over the years, but the Dolomite has been my favorite silhouette. It’s a classic design that looks great on men and women. We specced the frames from a dark olive color Ombraz calls “kelp,” paired them with a polarized yellow lens, and made the tightening cord out of desert tan. Our RADAVIST logo is then laser-etched on the lenses.

Our graphic designer Cari Carmean then went to work designing the limited edition, co-branded case, covering it with our Monsoon Cloud graphic, inspired by our wonderful summer monsoons here in the Southwest. This sleeve case acts as both protection from scratches and features a built-in cleaning microfiber cleaning cloth.

Ombraz can indeed be worn with a helmet. I put the sunnies on first and then put on my helmet. I also like to wear them a bit looser than normal as this helps with venting.

When I need to take them off, be it for photos or if I go indoors, I simply unclip my helmet and let them drop around my neck.

Product Specs

Built-In Cord:
100% recycled marine-grade Japanese nylon
Buttery-soft antimicrobial nylon
Fits all head sizes

World-class Zeiss polyamide optics
Yellow Lens
100% UVA & UVB protection
Hard-coated, hydrophobic, oleophobic
Laser-etched RADAVIST logo

Aerospace-grade TR-90
Optimized 14mm nose pads
Base curve 6
Size Regular: 130.33mm wide, 52.8×47.1mm lenses, 20.5mm bridge between lenses

20 trees planted
Carbon negative
Compatible with Side Shields
Assembled in the USA from imported parts

If you’d like to know more about them, roll on over to Ombraz to see more specs. These are in stock now for $160 at The Radavist’s Webshop at The Pro’s Closet, shipping today!

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