Radar Roundup


Radar Roundup

We’re rolling out some new things for 2022 and that includes our Radar Roundup where we take some of the news items to come across our inboxes into an easy-to-digest dump of sorts, culling down the clutter from our homepage and making it easier to stay on top of what’s going on in our little corner of the cycling industry. This will come particularly in handy when it comes to spring/summer product drops from our favorite brands.

Check out our first Radar Roundup below with products, videos, and a Radavision entry…

Tumbleweed’s Alloy Persuader Bar

The new alloy Persuader Bar from Tumbleweed Bikes promises the same ergonomics we love but at large weight savings. These new bars are available in 800 and 840mm widths and weigh in at over 200 grams lighter than the steel bar. Retail is $115.00 and these bars are in stock now!


  • Width: 800 and 840mm
  • Weight: 800mm: 411 grams, 840mm: 424 grams
  • Sweep: 31 degree
  • Rise: 50mm
  • Material: 7000 series heat treated aluminum
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8mm, with 160mm of clamp area across the center of the bar

Ride Farr Twin-T Cromo Frame-Kit Duck Egg Blue

Coming in hot from South Africa’s Ride Farr is their Twin-T Cromo Frame-Kit in Duck Egg Blue. This bike reminds me of those old Nishiki Alien, Mantis Valkyrie, or even the old Moots Malcolm. It harkens to a time when bike design was anything but permutations on a theme or predictable and that’s why we dig it. Ride Farr offers these for $895.00 as a pre-order with early 2022 slated for delivery.

Videos from the Radaverse

Santa runs into some trouble with his sleigh on Christmas Eve and has to come up with a new plan to deliver all the presents…

Lucas Brunelle dropped this one late last year but we’re glad we found it because it’s a stellar mashup of all things ’80s… plus, bikes!

Marley and Kailey head out on a bike tour around Frog Lake in their latest video!

The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland is a majestic place to take a loaded bike to but there are some things you need to know first, check out this video by Cycling366 for the 411.

Orange Seal’s latest video in the Family Seal series showcases Payson McElveen and Hannah Finchamp as they take on Leadboat and Leadville respectfully…


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause.

Photo by Josh Becker

No one races ‘cross like the Rock Lobster CX team! Seen at the Easton Instagram.

Oh… my… Firefly has done it again.

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