Radar Roundup: Wizard Works Snack Dashboard, Puffin Pedallers, Rene Herse Auto Shifting, 1Up 2DOWN, and Cockpit Taco Caddy


Radar Roundup: Wizard Works Snack Dashboard, Puffin Pedallers, Rene Herse Auto Shifting, 1Up 2DOWN, and Cockpit Taco Caddy

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. We don’t typically publish Radar Roundups on weekends, but we received a few special press releases late last week, so read on below for our findings…

Wizard Works Snack Dashboard

Are difficult-to-access snacks ruining your ride? Are your friends tired of stopping every time you feel like hummus?
Unlike traditional cycling-specific handlebar mounted snack stations, the Wizard Works Snack Dashboard is super easy to assemble and compatible with any bike.

Made from heavy-duty 1000D Cordura and available in our five stock colors, Snack Dashboard attaches with Voile Nano Straps for maximum snack security.

Chips and dip? Go for it!
Chocolates and trail mix? Go nuts!
7 different types of pickle? I mean, sure, if that’s what you’re into!

Upgrade your snack bag to a snack station today! See more at Wizard Works



Starling Cycles is now Puffin Pedallers Mountain Bike Company

Previously known as Starling Cycles, Puffin Pedallers was born out of a commitment to the hard yards of mountain biking (and an expensive, cease-and-desist legal challenge from a large, multinational corporation). Puffin Pedallers. The joy of the struggle, the commitment to huffin’ and puffin’ up an epic climb to reach the summit and earn your descents.

No assistance, no engines, no driver-assist style technology. Just a rider, a bike and the mountain. There’s no mistaking the skinny steel tubes of a Puffin, the single-pivot silhouette and the graceful lines. Puffin riders proudly and unashamedly earn their altitude, and their bikes stand out on the mountain as a badge of honour.

When you’re puffin’ on a Puffin no one will be in any doubt that you’re working hard and earning those descents. And – of course – the Puffin is the perfect figurehead for our brand. Tough, fast, resilient to brutal conditions, graceful and just a little bit flamboyant.

For more info on the rebranding and to learn more about the various Puffin MTB models -Puffin Circus, Puffin Improbability, and Puffin Gathering – head over to Puffin Peddalers.

Rene Herse Automatic Shifting

After developing the ultimate analog derailleur, it was only natural for Rene Herse to turn its attention to the other end of the spectrum: We are proud to introduce the world’s first automatic transmission for performance bicycles. Look closely at the photo above, and you’ll notice something unusual: There are no shift levers, no shifter paddles—the shifting on this bike is fully automatic.

Not having to think about shifting is convenient, for sure, but there’s more to it: Always being in the optimum gear also improves performance and reduces fatigue. In addition, there are weight savings, as the bike no longer needs shift levers. Between the improved biodynamics and the reduced weight, riders are 3-4% faster over a hilly 100-mile course on average.

Read more at Rene Herse.

1Up USA 2Down Super Doodie

Do you have a hitch and a digestive tract? If the answer is yes, and gosh, we hope it is, we’ve got your ticket. Introducing the 2Down Super Doodie from your friends at 1UP USA, the leader in bike and e-bike hauling systems for all vehicles.

The all-new 2Down Super Doodie is an American-made portable pottie, and a game-changer for anybody with a hitch and bowels. Samples are available upon request, but we only have one and it’s been getting around, so you should definitely disinfect before testing.

See the 2Down in action in this video.



Introducing The Wheels Manufacturing Cockpit Taco Caddy

Introducing the ultimate accessory for taco-loving cyclists: the Bicycle Cockpit Taco Caddy!

This revolutionary new product is the perfect way to transport and protect your precious tacos while you’re on the go.

The Bicycle Cockpit Taco Caddy is made from durable plastic and is designed to securely hold two tacos at once, no matter what kind of riding you’re doing. Whether you’re hitting the trails or cruising the streets, your tacos will be safe and sound right in front of you.

But wait, there’s more! The Bicycle Cockpit Taco Caddy also comes with two silicone taco savers, so you can enjoy your tacos without losing any of the delicious ingredients. And if you like things spicy, don’t worry – we’ve included a hot sauce bottle and jalapeño holder, so you can add some heat to your ride. Gone are the days of smashed tacos in your jersey pocket or hydration pack.

With attachments for both mountain bike and road bike handlebars, the Bicycle Cockpit Taco Caddy is the perfect accessory for any cyclist who loves tacos. And if you act fast, we’ll even throw in a free side of guacamole with every purchase!

So why wait? Order your Bicycle Cockpit Taco Caddy today and take your taco game to the next level.



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