Radar Roundup: Starling Cycles V3 Frames, Esker Lorax Ti,  State HAM Cycles 4130 Road, Mini-Things Cage, Ripton Hiko Jean Jacket, Retrack with Barry Wicks, Mozzies Everywhere, and Ultra Romance Ted Talk


Radar Roundup: Starling Cycles V3 Frames, Esker Lorax Ti, State HAM Cycles 4130 Road, Mini-Things Cage, Ripton Hiko Jean Jacket, Retrack with Barry Wicks, Mozzies Everywhere, and Ultra Romance Ted Talk

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Starling Cycles Announces New V3 of Core Bikes: Murmur, Twist, and Swoop

Starling Cycles, the UK manufacturer of high-performance steel MTB frames, is pleased to announce the evolution of their Murmur, Twist and Swoop frames. Badged as ‘Version 3’, these latest-gen frames see a number of subtle but significant updates to their design that push the frames forward in terms of their on-trail performance, ease of maintenance and robustness.

Trail and Enduro Modes On All Frames

The most significant change is that all frames can now be configured into ‘Enduro’ and ‘Trail’ modes using an adjustable shock mount. The previous Starling design required customers to commit to ‘Enduro’ or ‘Trail’ at the point of purchase, whereas both can now be achieved from a single frame. Customers need simply choose their mode when they order, and should they decide to change they’ll need to switch suspension but won’t need a completely new frame.

These updates mean that frames now offer the following rear travel:

Murmur – 135mm or 150mm
Twist – 135mm or 160mm
Swoop – 130mm or 160mm

And Updated Geometry

V3 frames also see a number of tweaks to geometry, based on Starling’s experience and rider feedback.

The seat angle has been steepened for an improved pedalling position and, based on feedback, the BB has been raised a touch to add a little more clearance and a little more manoeuvrability to our very stable geometry. V2 geo received plenty of praise from riders and the media and these light-touch updates simply refine those numbers to be even better.

No More Seized Seat Posts

Stuck posts are a curse for steel frame owners, and now a thing of the past with a new aluminium insert in all V3 seat tubes. No more panicky calls to the bloke in South Wales with the seat-post-puller, and no need to keep shoving grease down your seat tube.

New Colours
Tired of boring of those boring paint jobs and lack-of customisation offered by the big boys of the bike industry?

Starling now has a whole heap of colour options to create your one-of-a-kind dream boat. Customers can choose a ‘standard’ grey front triangle with black swingarm or upgrade and pick from 10 colours, including four premium metallic paints and three graphics options. And in case you’re wondering, nope, your front doesn’t have to match your back. Customers can pick a colour for their front triangle and a totally different one for the rear, meaning you can create something really special. Powder Pink and Pumpkin Orange anyone..?

And More…

There’s also now a stronger, anti-flare headtube to keep your frame safe when you’re really, really sending it (or forgetting to keep your headset tight). There’s a neater and better-looking cast main pivot part and there’s an even easier-on-the-eye asymmetrical headtube gusset.

Last but not least, we’ve made the big move to shift the main pivot bearing into the swing arm. Previously located in the frame, placing the bearing in the swing arm makes maintenance easier and offers a wider and more robust interface. Already a breeze to maintain, this update makes Starling’s frames even easier to live with than ever before.

Available Now

V3 will be introduced as a rolling change on all Starling ‘Core’ frames from this point onwards (including frames that have already been ordered). Starling can provide frames without rear shocks and as frame-only or with build kits. Frames can be ordered immediately.

As with previous versions, the Murmur, Swoop and Twist frames are handmade and hand-assembled in Bristol, UK by the team at Starling Cycles. Front triangles are handmade in-house using 853 heat-treated tubing and swingarms are handmade in Taiwan by ORA Engineering.

You can learn more here at Starling Cycles.

Esker Cycles Lorax Titanium Gravel Bike $2,300 Frame

Esker Cycles, makers of the Hayduke and Japhy hardtail models loved by many Radavist readers, just announced a new titanium gravel bike dubbed the Lorax, named after the Dr. Seuss character that taught children to respect the environment and all living creatures.

You can build this versatile bike up any way you please: Singlespeed, geared, fenders, bags, flat bar, or drops – Lorax has braze-ons and options to roll with it all. With a headtube angle that is slightly more slack, the steering is predictable. At the same time, a comfortable reach enables Lorax to tackle the miles making it ideal for touring, bikepacking, or your favorite local loop.

Fit – 700c wheels with 50c tire capacity or go bigger on 650b with 2.1″ knobbies

Fork – 400mm rigid fork up to 50c tires, or gravel suspension fork up to 60mm travel.

Frame – 3Al/2.5v Titanium with Esker’s proprietary Portage Dropout System for a wide range of adjustment

See more at Esker Cycles.

State Bicycle Co. Limited Edition “HAM Cycles” 4130 Road

A limited-edition (50 pieces) designed with State’s friends HAM Cycles, hailing from the world-famous Montrose district of Houston. Inspired by the race machines of yesterday, this ride encourages riders to keep it CASUAL! The limited-run features a Selle Italia Vintage 1980 Turbo Saddle and allows riders to choose traditional drop-bars or this collab-exclusive “townie” bars.

HAM Cycles will have models of this beautiful 4130 on display, so if you’re in the Houston area stop by and see it in person!

See more at State Bicycle Co.

King Cage Mini-Thing Cages $45

John got a look at the new King Cage Mini-Thing cargo cages at the Philly Bike Expo and we gotta say, they look really cool. Designed to carry bottles or cargo pouches that won’t fit in normal cages and maybe don’t merit the Many Thing cages, these mount to two-bottle bosses, not the three-cargo array. Made from stainless steel in Durango and shipping today from King Cage!

Ripton & Co Hiko Jean Jacket $149

The HIKO™ PERFORMANCE JACKET pushes the jean jacket into the future, making it buttery soft, and comfortable to wear. The deeper Ripton gets into the denim world; they realize how massive the players are and how margin and price-point driven they are. This gives Ripton insane amounts of latitude to try a little harder and unlock massive value for the customer.

The Hiko features pockets in the back, a loose fit, and is buttery soft. Best of all, it moves with you, unlike other jean jackets.

See more at Ripton.



Retrack with Barry Wicks

Like many riders that have been on the bike for a few decades, Barry Wicks grew up watching old-school mountain bike videos. One of his particular favorites was Tread. It was raw, fast, and embodied everything he wanted the sport to be. Barry wanted to recreate the energy that the original Tread brought, so he set out in central Oregon aboard his custom Sutra LTD to get rowdy on some steep gravel roads. Skids, drifts—you name it. It’s here.



Alaskan Mosquito Onslaught

Cycling 253 miles along the Dalton Highway, from Coldfoot down to Fairbanks. The mosquitos were rampant, climbs were steep, foxes were abundant, and hats were competitively dislodged – enjoy!



Ultraromance Ted Talk Philly Bike Expo

Ronnie, aka Ultraromance, gave another one of his Ted Talks at the Philly Bike Expo. Watch it here.


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