Radar Roundup: Revel Rail Gets Bigger Wheels, Smooth Jazz Lines Re-Up, Limited SAS, Rivendell Helps Out, and BPS 600


Radar Roundup: Revel Rail Gets Bigger Wheels, Smooth Jazz Lines Re-Up, Limited SAS, Rivendell Helps Out, and BPS 600

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Revel’s Award-winning Rail, but with Bigger Wheels! $3499-$10999

Revel spent years designing, testing, riding, and refining this bike. With 29” wheels, bigger bearings, beefier hardware, and a well-tuned CBF suspension platform, the Rail 29 represents the best of what they’ve learned since launching the Revel brand three years ago.

Full Specs
Wheel Size: 29″
Front Travel: 160mm (170mm max)
Rear Travel: 155mm
Fork: 44mm Offset, 59mm Crown Diameter
Rear Shock: 230mm x 60 – 22.2 x 8mm Hardware Spec
Rear Dropout: 148mm Spacing, SRAM UDH
Rear Axle: Revel UDH Boost 12×177 1.0mm Thread Pitch
Seatpost Diameter: 31.6mm / 34.9mm clamp
Seatpost Insertion Depth: 300+mm (all sizes)
*Verify tire clearance to dropped saddle at bottom out before use.
Bearings: 4x BOLU 6902V, 2x BOLU 3802V, 4x BOLU 6801V
Rear Brake: Post Mount, 180mm direct / 203mm max
Tire Clearance: 29″ x 2.4″ (rear)
Bottom Bracket: 73mm BSA Standard
Chainring Max: 36T Round / 34T Oval, 52mm Chainline
ISCG Tabs: ISCG-05 Standard
Headset: IS42 upper / IS52 lower
Bottle Mounts: 2 (top and bottom of downtube)
Colors: Lead King / Shred Velvet Cake
Sizes :S / M / L / XL
Lifetime Warranty

See more at Revel.

Smooth Jazz Lines Archival Jersey Pre-Order $75-85

Smooth Jazz Lines has some exciting news. Today they’ve opened a pre-order for their archival jersey designs, with an order window open until the passage of the Vernal Equinox (3/20), in an attempt to bridge spacetime and bend our conceptions of linearity and certainty, we’re opening up a preorder on our jersey archive. What once was, will now be again. With three designs available in all the sizes and gender constructs, we’re aware of the possibility of jerseys existing. Plug in. Fax us your power files.

Pre-order at Smooth Jazz Lines.

Limited Edition S2-R Jerseys from Search and State

Search and State is back with a run of limited edition S2-R jerseys in snow camo and digital camo. These jerseys are made in NYC and will last for multiple seasons. These are dropping today at 11 am EST. See more at SAS!

Buy a Shirt, Or Sticker, From Rivendell and Help Ukraine $3-33

Rivendell is joining in the aide to help Ukraine:

We’re trying to raise money quickly to help Ukraine, so we’re preselling new shirts and stickers. All the profits will go to United Help Ukraine and we’ll ship shirts and stickers out as soon as they get here. The shirts might take a bit, but the stickers should be here around the 10th.  If you need other stuff, make a separate order so it’ll ship sooner.

Both the stickers and the shirts have a Ukrainian variation on the familiar Peace Wheel art. We’re getting the shirts in both long and short sleeve and both have pockets over the left breast.

If you’d like to donate more, you can pick a higher price before checking out and we’ll make sure it goes to the right place. Thanks in advance for helping!

Ash Short sleeves here

Grey Long sleeves here

Stickers here



BPS 600 – Bike Packing Event in South East Queensland

The BPS 600/ 400 is back for 2022! The BPS 600 is a 650km BRUTAL MTB/ Gravel ride, covering SEQs most challenging terrain. The first edition of the BPS 600 was held late December 2021. Formally known as the BPS Hunt 600, as it was originally run as a QLD alternative to the postponed Hunt 1000. The BPS Hunt 600 quickly gained in popularity, leading to a shorter, yet arguably harder route being created, BPS Hunt 300. No one is yet to complete the entire BPS Hunt 300 course. The 2022 event finish date will be July 3rd.

This year, BPS is holding the BPS 600 & BPS 400. The 600 following basically the same route as last year’s 600 event. The course is brutal and not for the faint of heart. 650km with 12, 000m. We had a total of 7 riders finish the entire course. The 400 course has been redesigned, being a much easier route, way more enjoyable. Although the route is remote in parts, there is still a number of towns/ shops along the way. Food & water must be taken seriously.

See more at Bike Pack Shop.


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