Radar Roundup: REEB Full Suspension, Sustainable Cambium, Giro Flat Latch, Engin Cranks, Colored XC-III, and Name That Part!


Radar Roundup: REEB Full Suspension, Sustainable Cambium, Giro Flat Latch, Engin Cranks, Colored XC-III, and Name That Part!

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

REEB’s SST Steel Trail Bike $TBD

Reeb Cycles have been working on a really interesting project:

REEB Cycles introduces the “SST”, a high tech lightweight steel 120mm suspension platform that bridges the gap between the playful and capable hardtails and the Sqweeb full suspension bike.

The SST trail bike blends the custom steel tubeset from Jeff Lenosky’s signature Redikyelous hardtail with the design, fabrication and abuse testing of Adam Prosise’s groundbreaking BREWser. Pairing the suspension technology design from the critically acclaimed Sqweeb and utilizing innovative aerospace-grade SLM 3D printed frame components, the SST embodies the rowdy and playful character of REEB’s proven steel hardtails while providing enough suspension to hit the big lines.

At the heart of the SST is a brand new, REEB exclusive 4-bar suspension system that combines the pedaling and braking performance of a Horst-link with the simplicity and low weight of a flex-stay. REEB uses custom-formed steel stays, a hollow yoke, and proprietary dropouts to precisely control suspension movement and increases lateral stiffness over a traditional steel frame. This design gives the SST incredible small bump sensitivity, a supportive ramp throughout the travel, and a sublime balance of stiffness and compliance. The leverage ratio, kinematics, and geometry are all tuned to create an ultra-responsive chassis that jumps off the line, crushes climbs, slaps berms, launches gaps, and floats through chunder-like a much bigger bike.

Essential to SST development was exploring the limits of manufacturing technology and applying it to build a light, stiff and strong steel bike. The SST features SLM 3D printed (Freaking Lasers!!!) hollow stainless steel chainstay yoke, seatstay clevis, and rear dropouts. The result is a stronger, stiffer, lighter, and more elegant trail bike.

Keep an eye on Reeb for more!

Brooks C17 Recycled Nylon Cambium $150

“Sustainable washing” is a thing but Brooks ain’t messing around with this new Cambium which is made from recycled nylon and a biopolymer called Liquid Wood. Intrigued? Read all about this innovative tech at Brooks and holler at your local dealer for ordering.

Giro’s New Latch Flat Pedal MTB Shoe $150

Some people like clipless and others flat pedals. It’s just a matter of preference but it’s hard to argue against flats, especially with all the awesome shoes on the market. Take Giro’s new Latch “downhill” shoes, which are slimmer, less bulky shoes when compared to other offerings out there. See all the colors and specs at Giro.

Engin Gravel/MTB Cranks $575

The accessories that come out of the Engin Cycles shop are second to none. From their 35mm clamp stems, seat collars, and now cranks! These cranks can be supplied with either a road/gravel (non-boost) or MTB (boost) 30mm spindle and are now available in 170mm lengths with other lengths dropping in April/May of this year. Roll on over to Engin to see the full scoop!

Blue Lug’s XC MK-III Special Edition Colors $65

Based on the OG Suntour XC pedals, the MKS XC MK-III is the closest thing you can get to the originals. Japan’s Blue Lug has been making limited-edition versions of these popular commuter/touring pedals and you can now buy them at Hope Cyclery in the link above.

Name That Part

Ok… let’s see what you’ve got with this challenging game called Name That Part!


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