Radar Roundup: RatKing RIP Rack, KURSK TR SNEAKER, Adidas Gravel on Sale, Fire Engine Legor, and Biodiversity of Trailbuilders


Radar Roundup: RatKing RIP Rack, KURSK TR SNEAKER, Adidas Gravel on Sale, Fire Engine Legor, and Biodiversity of Trailbuilders

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

RatKing RIP Pack $205.00 – $280.00

We teased this a few weeks ago but the RatKing RIP Rack is available for ordering now. The Rip Rack Features custom machined hardware to secure the Wald 137 and Half 139 Baskets along its three strongest rails. Mounting hardware is secured via M5m5 screws that thread into threaded eyelets integral to the rack platform. Our mounting hardware makes installation a breeze and requires no more than a set of Allen wrenches – No fiddling with nuts, no hose clamps, and no zip ties!

The basket can be removed and reattached easily simply in under 5 minutes, making it the perfect candidate for a modular setup.

See more at We Are Stunt Doubles.

Chrome Kursk TR Sneaker $110

Chrome took its flagship sneaker, the Kursk, and added features to make it a little more trail-friendly. Of those include a new outsole, made by Panaracer that’s grippier than ever and a breathable mesh upper. To keep abrasion down, the TR features suede patches at heavy wear spots on the sneaker. See more at Chrome.

Iancu Barbarasa Designed a Fire Engine Inspired Legor Cicli

Designer Iancu Barbarasa recently published the process and final product of this Legor Cicli he designed for a RCC member. This bike was inspired by fire engines from the UK and Hawaii, with high-contrast, vibrant colors. Oftentimes, process is king, and this is one of those moments. See the full design process and final product at Iancul.com.

Adidas Gravel Shoes on Sale $102

If you’ve been curious about the new Adidas gravel shoes, these two colors are on sale for $102, down from $170. If these shoes are anything like the FiveTen shoes Adidas has been making they’re going to be good! Take advantage of the sale at Adidas.



Biodiversity of Trailbuilders

The temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest are full of biodiversity and known for some of the best mountain cycling trails known to humankind. Numerous species of trailbuilders scatter these lands, adding their own unique flair to the forest. However, this natural phenomenon faces one major challenge- paradise is crowded. The trail builders must learn to work together and share the land.



Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Illustration by @bicidelacruz

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