Radar Roundup: POC Propel Sunnies, Brooks Jeremy Collins B17, Oveja Negra William Foldinghaus Wallet, RAL Panniers on Sale, John’s Selling Prints, and Last Try


Radar Roundup: POC Propel Sunnies, Brooks Jeremy Collins B17, Oveja Negra William Foldinghaus Wallet, RAL Panniers on Sale, John’s Selling Prints, and Last Try

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

POC Announces its Propel Aero Sunnies $250

Developed for high-performance racing and to be the most aerodynamic cycling sunglasses POC has ever produced, Propel is lightweight with a large lens and unique field of view. But what stands the Propel apart from the crowd is the aerodynamic advantage. The result of meticulous computational fluid dynamic testing (CFD), the Propel features a unique lens and temple design to reduce drag and allow airflow to interact with the rider and their body position.

The Propel is explicitly designed to sit closer to the face, with a wrap-around feel and precise side fairings which guide air away from a rider’s ears. This precise management of airflow brings aerodynamic gains as air is guided over the shoulders – instead of allowing a rider’s ears to cause turbulence – which creates a smoother airflow and enhances a rider’s aerodynamic profile.

Plus, they look damn sleek. See more at POC.

Jeremy Collins Brooks B17 $320

Born from the mind of American artist Jeremy Collins, Brooks’ newest B17 Special pairs classic Brooks leather saddle comfort with a limited-edition design that promises to add a bit more adventure to every journey by bike. Inspired by a summer ride through the Italian Dolomites, Collins’ original illustration is laser etched into each of the limited-series saddles for a unique leather surface. In stock now at Brooks.

Oveja Negra’s William Foldinghaus Wallet Is Made From Scraps $28

This wallet has everything- a clear vinyl pocket for your ID, 3 more slots for addition card storage and a generous full-size pocket for all your cash, receipts and that’s not even the best part…

It’s all trash!!! The fabric in this sweet little walnut was made in the USA. It had big plans for it’s life, but we know plans don’t always work out. These fabrics were mismanufactured, over run, miscut, discontinued, and even *gasp* perfect leftover scraps headed to the dumpster! But, Oveja Negra SAVED them! And, turned them into this hot-pocket money-socket for you! Doesn’t that just make ya feel good?

Roll on over to Oveja Negra to scoop one up.

RAL’s EX Loader Panniers are On Sale! $62.40

Ride Alive Gear, or RAL, is Sim Work’s portage and outdoor gear company. Most of it is made in Japan but the bicycle bags are made in the USA, including the EX Loader Panniers. These classic touring bags keep weight low and on the front or rear of your bike, via lowrider racks. They feature a “hook and bungee” style attachment system, allowing you to dial in the retention to the rack, and a 11ℓ capacity. Two would be perfect for a S24O, or four for a tour. Stop strapping your stuff all over your stuff and go with a neat nad tidy pannier system, at a sale price of $62.40 per bag. In stock now at Sim Works.


John Has Prints for Sale on Darkroom

Every photographer gets asked at one point in time or another “why don’t you make prints?” and after years of being asked this, John finally launched a Darkroom site, featuring some of his favorite images. Unfortunately, we can’t convince him to put any cycling photos up for grab, but his landscapes ain’t too shabby either. These are priced as either prints or frame prints, in various sizes, at competitive rates. Check them out at his Darkroom “Dry and Arid Places.”




FOAD: LAST TRY – A Bike Movie

“Last Try” is FOAD’s third and final full-length feature. Following the release of “The Good Times Are Killing Me” in 2016, this new film has been in the making for over 3 years. Taking inspiration from skateboarding and BMX the new movie showcases action-packed riding styles from all across the globe; whether it be bikelife wheelie combos, big drops on BMX, fast and loose mountain bike riding, fixed gear freestyle, and tracklocross. FOAD’s roots are based in the fixed gear community and feature the familiar cast riding fixies in unusual ways: whether it be fixed gear freestyle, city traffic, or through snow and dirt. The film also showcases the next generation of talented riders, from countries across the globe, including Japan, Colombia, Australia, France, and England. As the crew of riders gets older, their taste for riding has changed, embracing derailleurs, brakes, and even suspension. The film documents the progression into mountain biking, and while the bikes may be different, the passion is the same.



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Illustration by @fe.tte 

The work of artist fe.tte is so good for so many reasons but this one caught our eye yesterday…

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