Radar Roundup: It’s a SAS Summer, Bikes^3, Water Cycle, and Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop


Radar Roundup: It’s a SAS Summer, Bikes^3, Water Cycle, and Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

SAS Spring/Summer Drop

Look, no one likes riding behind your bibs when they’re see-through. Treat yourself. Search and State just stocked a whole lotta new at their site with both lycra and casual cycling outfits. We like what we see, and you might too. BTW, bib short holes are fine!

Cjell Moné’s Bikes Bikes Bikes Podcast with Alexandera Houchin

Matt Mason pitched the pod title of “Moné Talks” but Cjell went with “Bikes Bikes Bikes” for his new podcast title, which we also dig. What we’re really into though is when people give Alexandera a platform to chat about bikes! Check it out at Google Podcasts.



Water Cycle

Inspired by the 71% of the planet covered by water, Blackburn Design has created WATER CYCLE, an ongoing documentary film project.

In the second chapter, OCEAN, we follow Ashley Llyod Thompson, a surf shaper from Santa Cruz, California. Ashley took time away from her shaping studio to travel with her husband and son to Mexico in search of quiet surf breaks. Many of the best breaks are tough to access and aren’t on any map. Fat bikes made the most sense to enjoy these secret places. Along the way, she found some beautiful quiet moments with the ocean and with her family. These are the simple joys that life on a bike can bring.

Ashley has been an avid surfer since she was a child, eventually turning her passion into a career shaping surfboards and teaching new riders. As she became closer to her craft and the ocean around her, she adopted an emphasis on sustainable building practices that respected both her ability to ride huge waves, and desire to do as little harm as possible to the planet.


Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop – Richmond Cycling Corps

In the heart of Virginia, the Richmond Cycling Corps (RCC) is hard at work connecting with local youth and helping them discover the power of cycling. RCC Director Matt Kuhn has built an incredible community of young cyclists and has helped kids find their way as aspiring engineers, professional racers, and influential community members. Matt’s passion for the sport helps create a common ground for these young riders to explore their new talents and connect with other cyclists.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @ericxburnside

Prior to our National Forests being closed due to historic fires, Eric and his buddies got out to Cabezon for an overnighter. Check out the rest of his photos on his IG page linked above!

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