Radar Roundup: Fox 32 Taper-Cast Gravel Fork, Dragonfly Bikepacking Tent, Northwave Rockit Shoes, and New Topstone


Radar Roundup: Fox 32 Taper-Cast Gravel Fork, Dragonfly Bikepacking Tent, Northwave Rockit Shoes, and New Topstone

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

The lightest suspension fork FOX has ever built, the all-new 32 Taper-Cast Gravel Fork, has arrived. It’s time to ditch the flex stem and undamped leaf springs; suspending the bike greatly improves rider experience, increases control, takes the edge off extended gravel rides and dramatically expands the terrain you can cover. Equipped with FOX’s proven FIT4 or GRIP damper options, this lightweight package retains all the tunability of its mountain lineage. From race day at Grinduro to the pockmarked service roads outside your back door, the 32 Taper-Cast is the evolution of gravel.



Developed in conjunction with emergent gravel bike designs, the 32 Taper-Cast features a sleek drop crown profile and new knob shapes that drastically improve downtube clearance for fitment on all frame sizes and styles. At the same time, the incredible 1226g weight retains functionality such as integrated fender mounts, 160mm and 180mm flat-mount compatibility, and adjustable travel options, up to 50mm. The lightweight, short-travel optimized air spring requires fewer, if any, volume spacers and the design employs our lower leg air/oil bypass channels.

32 Taper-Cast Gravel Fork Specs:
40mm and 50mm travel options
FIT4 and Grip damper options
12 x 100mm Kabolt axle
Flat mount 160 and 180mm rotor compatible
Max tire size 700c x 50mm
(Optimized for 700c – not 650b compatible)
Integrated fender mounts
(700c x 45mm max tire with fender)
Longer steer tube to fit larger frames/longer head tubes
1 1/2” – 1 1/8” tapered steer tube
45mm and 50mm offset options
Axle-to-crown 435.5mm – 445.5mm
32 Taper-Cast MSRP Range:

$949 – $769 USD / $1,279 – $1,039 CAD / 1039 € – 1259 €

Nemo Dragonfly Bikepacking Tent $419.95

Designed specifically for bicycle touring, bicycle camping, and bikepacking, the Nemo Dragonfly comes with a special stuff sack that allows you to attach the tent directly to your handlebars, weighs 2 lb , 4 oz, and is freestanding, which means it doesn’t require guy lining to set up which is perfect for rocky terrain.

Northwave Rockit Shoes $146.06

With its “trekking style” closure, you might mistake the Rockit shoes by Northwave to be a hiking boots and not a mountain bike shoes. Well, the truth is the Rockit is a bit of both. The laces are protected by an elastic stripe fastened to the tongue for retaining and blocking the shoelaces; the Vibram Wolftrack clipless sole is designed to aid in traction for those neverending hike a bike sections of trail.

See more at Northwave!



The All-New Topstone Carbon

We’ve reviewed every permutation of the Cannondale Topstone over the years and some of our gripes have been tackled in this newest release, just announced today. It’s still designed with Cannondale’s patented Kingpin suspension but gained 45mm tire clearance and an all-new 700c Lefty Oliver. Check this video for the overview and roll to Cannondale to see the full breakdown.

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