Radar Roundup: Fenrir Titanium, 5 Bucks a Foot, PartyPace Grips, Temple Road, and House Blend


Radar Roundup: Fenrir Titanium, 5 Bucks a Foot, PartyPace Grips, Temple Road, and House Blend

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Titanium Otso Fenrir

The Otso Fenrir is a lightweight drop bar or flat bar tourer built to take on the long haul. (If you’re unfamiliar with the Fenrir, read John’s review of the stainless Fenrir.) Otso just announced its new titanium Fenrir, which is made from 3Al/2.5V B338 grade 9 titanium and features all the touring accouterment you’ve come to expect from the brand. Check out more details at Otso!

5 Bucks a Foot Fundraiser with Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Often imitated, never duplicated, the original mountain bike fundraiser that started it all, 5 Bucks a Foot, is back for 2022 featuring a custom-built Santa Cruz Megatower in any size for one very lucky winner! For every five-dollar donation, you’ll help build or maintain a foot of trail and also receive an entry for your chance to win the Megatower; plus PayDirt will Double Your Dirt by matching total feet of trail purchased up to $75,000. Talk about a win-win! See more here!

Path Less Pedaled PartyPace ESI Chunky Grips $24

Path Less Pedaled’s mantra is #PartyPace, so it would make sense that’s what they would put on their first custom grips. These ESI Chunky grips come in blue or grey and are shipping today from Path Less Pedaled.

Temple Cycles Road £1295

The Temple Road is a high performance Reynolds 853 steel road bike which is soon to be available in frameset and full build options.

Inspired by traditional club riding and a ‘just one bike’ mentality, the Temple Road is a four-season machine that’s perfect for recreational rides, touring, and roadracing alike.

The frame is both Di2 and mechanical groupset ready, and offers other modern touches in the form of disc brakes and internal routing. Retaining the classic details that Temple Cycles is known for, the Temple Road features lugged forks, a beautifully curved brake bridge, and plenty of mounting points for racks and mudguards.

Retail is £1295 for a frame and fork. See more at Temple Cycles.



HOUSE BLEND: Washington Cyclisme, Wodonga (AU)

Bombtrack’s latest House Blend video comes from Washington Cyclisme in Australia!


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