Radar Roundup: Ergon GXR, Limited PAUL Levers, LNT Pact Kit, PEdALED Odyssey Winter, Support Trails and Win, Arctic Post Road, and Durango Bike To Work Day


Radar Roundup: Ergon GXR, Limited PAUL Levers, LNT Pact Kit, PEdALED Odyssey Winter, Support Trails and Win, Arctic Post Road, and Durango Bike To Work Day

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Superlight Ergon GXR XC Grips $24.95

In cooperation with an extensive industrial network in Germany, Ergon‘s Research & Development Team has created a new grip for the Ergon line-up. The newly developed proprietary AirCell Rubber compound material offers high damping thanks to the unique material characteristics and achieves a precise texture that matches the zones of the hand. Until now, this was nearly impossible with simple ultralight grips on the market today. Ergon GXR – hand ergonomics and lightweight proprietary AirCell Rubber compound – 100% Made in Germany!


  • Size Small: 32mm diameter / 80 grams
  • Size Large: 34mm diameter / 95 grams
  • GXR grips are 100% Made in Germany
  • Use: MTB, XC, Marathon, Endurance, Racing
  • Grip material: proprietary AirCell Rubber
  • SGS Certified for purity and quality
  • Right and Left hand specific grips.
  • Completely new grip material for increased damping on your favorite trails.
  • Optimized form allows for reduced gripping force.
  • Grip zones are matched to the hand.
  • Replaceable end plug.
  • Carbon bar compatible.
  • No inner core.
  • No locking clamp.

See more at Ergon.

PAUL Component Limited Edition Purple and Black Cantilever Levers $173.50

Looking to add some flash to your short pull brake setup? Check out these limited edition PAUL Component cantilever levers. Finished in a deep violet and black anodizing, machined and assembled in Chico, California!

PAUL recommends these for use with our RacerNeo-Retro,  Touring CantiMini-Moto or Short Pull Klamper brakes, but they work well paired with any road caliper brake, cantilever brake, or other short pull brake. For a long pull brake lever, see their Love Lever Compact or Love Lever 2.5.

See more at PAUL.

PACT LNT Poop Kit $50

If you spend enough time camping on public land, you’ll agree that there needs to be a major overhaul on pooping outdoors. Many people aren’t aware of the Leave No Trace Principals, especially regarding number 2. Your toilet paper should be packed out, in some areas such as desert landscapes, you should be using wag bags, in other, more temperate areas, a 6″ deep cat hole should be dug (say no to surface shitting!). Kits like the PACT kit offer up tools to achieve the above. Included in the kit is a trowel shovel to dig your cat hole, wet wipes that expand with a few drops of water, tabs utilizing mycelium from fungi to help decompose the poop, and hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean. Check out the full pack at PACT.

PEdALED Winter Odyssey Collection

PEdALED, makers of some of the nicest cycling apparel pieces, just launched its Winter Odyssey Collection, featuring the beautiful tan Odyssey Jacket, Odyssey Down Alpha Vest, and more! These pieces utilize Alpha® fabric by Polartec® to keep you warm as the temps drop.

See the full collection at PEdALED.

Support the Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship and Win!

The SCMTS is back at it with Santa Cruz Bicycles to give away a top-of-the-line mountain bike in the name of trails. This year’s grand prize is hot off the press—the new 5010 CC. Plus, there’s a special members-only prize and a bonus prize up for grabs. Check everything out at SCMTS, then donate to trails and get entered to win.



Arctic Post Road – Bikepacking Adventure in the Far North

Arctic Post Road film documents the bikepacking adventure of Henna Palosaari and Sami Sauri above the Arctic circle. The Arctic Post Road bikepacking route follows the remnants of the old Copenhagen-Alta post road starting from the fells of Pallas-Ylläs national park in Finnish Lapland and runs through the Finnmark highlands all the way to Alta on the Arctic Ocean.

The route crosses a wilderness area that is three times the size of Belgium and one of the last remaining wilderness areas in Europe . This gravel bikepacking film showcases the beauty and harshness of the area.

Touring the San Luis Valley exposes gravel cyclists to a region rich in cultural history with a deep spirituality for nature and all it has to provide. Routes in this guidebook are challenging and will test the endurance and skills of any seasoned rider. Those with a mountain bike background will appreciate routes with little pavement and sections of rough technical gravel. The remote terrain and distanced agricultural communities of the San Luis Valley combine to provide gravel adventure cyclists with a distinct Colorado riding experience. Time spent here is a chance to calm the mind, find peace in the open landscape, and connect with a less busy way of living.



Durango Bike to Work Day

Chad Cheeney is a bit of a renaissance man when it comes to bikes. He’s equally at home on his Hei Hei, Jake the Snake, or Process 134. He’s been coaching kids for years and has helped many junior racers rise up through the ranks. He races in local events around Colorado and you can assure he’ll always have a smile on his face. Chad is legendary in the Durango scene. If you’re passing through town and you see him, be sure to say hello.



Odyssey Fall Winter ’22 Collection

PEdALED’s Odyssey Winter collection gets a compelling video lookbook treatment…


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