Radar Roundup: Easton Gravel Dropper, Specialized Adventure Gear, Neutrino, Sram Buys Velocio, and the Mid South Course Atlas


Radar Roundup: Easton Gravel Dropper, Specialized Adventure Gear, Neutrino, Sram Buys Velocio, and the Mid South Course Atlas

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…



Easton EA90 AX Dropper $349.99

Available in 27.2mm clamp with 50 or 70mm of drop, the new Easton EA90 AX Dropper is perfect for your gravel, tourer, or XC MTB where a little bit extra room on those rowdy descents could really come in handy. Easton also has a matching lever for this post, or you could hack a shifter to actuate it. Check out the AX Dropper at Easton.

Specialized ADV Collection

The ADV Collection is a focused offering of innovative garments designed with SWAT™ integrated storage. ADV delivers the ideal balance of comfort and durability needed for the road less traveled combined with a casual style that looks great on and off the bike. With the ADV collection, it’s time to ride free. Check out the full line at Specialized.

Velo Orange Restocks the Neutrino Frameset in Mint Color $825

Remember that fun story Spencer posted a few years ago about riding the Velo Orange Neutrino in NYC and taking it on a bikerafting trip in the East River? Well that kooky little bike is back at VO with new stock and a fresh new color. If you’ve been mini-velo curious, live in a big city with little space, or just like weird and kooky bikes, then roll on over to Velo Orange to check out the Neutrino!

The Mid South Announces Land Acknowledgement Project

The Mid South promoters are pleased to present the Course Atlas as part of their 10th annual event this weekend. The Course Atlas is a printed collection of writing, art and land gratitude works from a diverse set of athletes and thought leaders, including several Native voices. Josh McCullock, The Mid South Creative Instigator, said the Course Atlas was born out of the love and curiosity about the land and roads in the area.

Each participant in the Mid South this weekend will receive a free Course Atlas with their rider pack.

Velocio Sells to SRAM

Our friends at Velocio just sold their company to SRAM and we couldn’t be happier for them!

“Let’s start at the beginning. We were motivated to launch Velocio in 2013 by a drive for a better cycling product, a better cycling culture, and a deeper commitment to responsible manufacturing.

That drive transported Velocio to unique milestones: from elite-level racing to sustainable manufacturing to progressive outreach for unifying causes. Velocio, today, is a brand we’re really proud of, the brand we set out to create.

Yet, there’s a unique challenge to running a business that often gets overlooked: succeed and your reward is a deeper expectation to grow. Grow too large, too fast and the risk is the often -lamented loss of brand, the dilution of product, and corner-cutting changes to boost profits. We won’t do any of those things.

In selling Velocio, our focus was on finding a partner, a large brand or brand family that would value our three pillars: design, responsibility and culture. We approached SRAM precisely because we thought there might be a place in their well-respected orbit of components and bike products for us. We approached SRAM because our cultures are compatible.”

Read the full story at Velocio.


Masi Speciale Randonneur Elite Gravel Bike – 2020, 56cm $1,999.99

Randonneurs and light tourers make for great gravel, commuter, and yeah, touring bikes. This Masi Randonneur Elite that just landed at TPC caught our eyes and we thought you’d appreciate it being dropped in front of yours.

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Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @HopeCyclery

Riding from Pittsburgh to Johnstown isn’t the easiest thing, much less loaded and on a fixed gear. Check out this wild setup at the HopeCyclery Instagram!

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