Radar Roundup: Crust Malocchio, Tumbleweed Persuader Bar Revamp, 6 Composites Forks, Komoot Trail View, Loam and Gravel Ep 3, and Underexposed


Radar Roundup: Crust Malocchio, Tumbleweed Persuader Bar Revamp, 6 Composites Forks, Komoot Trail View, Loam and Gravel Ep 3, and Underexposed

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Crust Malocchio Complete $3,800

The Crust Bikes Maloccio is a classic Columbus Spirit road bike. It is meant to be set up with a classy mullet (Moo-Lay) brake setup like the Dia Compe BRS-202 up front and a BRS-101 in the rear.

The three smaller sizes are designed around a 650b wheelset, and the four larger sizes use a 700c wheelset.

Max tire sizes on the Maloccio are 650x42mm front and rear 38mm, or if your frame is 700, you’ll be able to do 700x42mm front and 700x35mm rear. You can squeak a 38 in on the rear, but the clearances with certain brakes are too close.

Set it up with a single, double, or triple ring crank

Available now at Crust Bikes in a tasty complete shown above in size 57cm or as a frameset.

Tumbleweed Updates the Steel and Aluminum Persuader Bars $115/135

We love the Tumbleweed Persuader Bars for a proper mountain touring bike. For its latest iteration, Tumbleweed has made a few updates to these popular bars:

“The new Alloy V2 Persuader has taken the original bar design and refined it, by giving the bar a full width 31.8mm clamping area, there is plenty of room to mount a variety of accessories. The original Persuader bar is as nice of a steel bar as we were able to produce, and we were still able to shave off half a pound with the new alloy version, as well as offer it in a new wider 840mm size for maximum control over heavy loaded bikes on rough trails.

The V2 Alloy bar differs from the original Alloy Persuader bar in that it has a 200mm center clamp area instead of 160mm, which effectively pushes the start of the back sweep wider, resulting in about 1cm less back sweep than the V1 bar and allowing a shorter stem length to be run to maintain proper fit.”

Alloy Persuader V2 Specs:

  • Width: 800 and 840mm
  • Weight: 800mm: 402 grams, 840mm: 417 grams
  • Sweep: 31 degree
  • Rise: 50mm
  • Material: 7000 series heat-treated aluminum
  • Clamp diameter: 31.8mm, with 200mm of clamp area across the center of the bar

The difference in the two widths of the bars is only in the grip area, and the bar can be trimmed to suit rider preferences.

Chromoly Persuader Specs:

  • Width: 800mm
  • Weight: 638 grams
  • Sweep: 30 degree
  • Rise: 50mm
  • Material: Heat treated, triple butted chromoly steel
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Roll on over to Tumbleweed to see more!

No 6 Composites Gravel Fork $495

From the workshop of No 22 Bicycles comes No 6 Composites. Right now, the brand has three forks: a rim brake road, disc road, and the gravel fork, shown above. The No. 6 gravel fork is all about versatility. Excellent tire clearance for up to 47mm x 700 or 52mm x 650 tires and standard fender mounts make this the perfect fork for adventure. The surprisingly low axle-to-crown measurement of 382mm keeps handling crisp and quick, without the overly tall front end that troubles many gravel bikes. Our hallmark smooth ride quality and over-engineered strength make this fork perfect for gravel race and fast adventure-oriented gravel builds.


  • Steerer tube length: 350mm
  • Cable routing: internal entering at the top of the fork leg, or fully internal entering at the steerer
  • Rake: 50mm
  • Axle-to-crown: 382mm
  • Axle diameter: 12mm
  • Maximum tire clearance: 47mm x 700, 52mm x 650
  • Steerer diameter: 1-⅛” to 1-½” tapered
  • Fender mounts: Yes
  • Weight: 450g with internal routing; 460g with external routing. Both with a 350mm uncut steerer

See more at No 6 Composites!

Komoot launches Trail View

Komoot recently launched Trail View, a unique technology that brings Komoot maps to life with user-contributed photographs of paths and trails. Unsure how gnar gnar a particular bit of spicy singletrack is? Well, hopefully someone has uploaded a photo or two. Or if you find yourself on a trail with a feature that could be hazardous for other users, snap a photo and upload it. Trail View is made possible by an image recognition technology that uses artificial intelligence to curate images.

Yet, not every image that is taken by users will pass the Trail View test. Trail View scans all uploaded images and shows only those with paths and trails. It eliminates images that do not fit the criteria (i.e. images that include faces, animals, landscapes, buildings, etc.). To launch Trail View, over 15 Million images uploaded to Komoot by its community have been automatically scanned to identify approx. 1 Million that show trails and paths. And it will only improve as the community contributes more informative images of trails to help others visualize their adventure before setting out.

See more at Komoot!



Loam and Gravel Society: EP3 – Shredpacking w/ Christian Peper

Evan from the Loam and Gravel Society meets up with Christian Peper in Salt Lake City for some bikepacking fun in the latest episode from Old Man Mountain‘s video project.



PEARL iZUMi Underexposed EP 22: Carrabassett Valley, ME

Underexposed is a self-filmed and produced series by PEARL iZUMi athlete Brice Shirbach dedicated to showcasing trail advocacy and stewardship while exploring a variety of trails in places that may be unfamiliar to many. Join Brice as he explores the personal motivations behind the effort that goes into mountain bike advocacy while sampling the trails they work so hard for.


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