Radar Roundup: Champagne Mint Space Horse, Northern Lights, Dream Riser, and Kitsbow Women’s Shorts


Radar Roundup: Champagne Mint Space Horse, Northern Lights, Dream Riser, and Kitsbow Women’s Shorts

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Two New Colors and Builds for the 2022 All-City Space Horse

All-City’s agile and stable Space Horse is their most versatile and popular model, and it’s ready to take you and your gear wherever adventure leads – from road riding to randonneuring to full-fledged touring. For 2022 the brand just announced two new colors: Champagne Shimmer (GRX) and Royal Mint (Tiagra). Bikes & frames will be arriving at All-City dealers this spring.


  • Space Horse GRX (Champagne Shimmer) Complete: $2,599 MSRP
  • Space Horse Tiagra (Royal Mint) Complete: $1,950 MSRP
  • Frameset: $1,099 MSRP

Limited Edition Ti Wolf Tooth Morse Cages in Northern Lights Color $84.95

Ti cages are special enough but then Wolf Tooth had to go and release some really cool-looking limited edition cages, coated in what they’re calling Northern Lights color that has an iridescent appearance that can look blue in some lighting and greenish in other lighting. See more at Wolf Tooth.

SOMA Updates its Dream Riser Bars $ 89.99

The original SOMA Fab Dream Riser Bar hit a chord with riders with its comfortable 25° sweep, which not only keeps your controls away from a big handlebar bag but just feels very natural. It also had an unusual 50mm rise to help get the bars up, which is sometimes better for all-day exploration.

The two new versions are significantly different. The Dream Lowdown has a 20° backsweep and 25mm rise. The rise is very common. The backsweep still noticeably more natural feeling than the average 9° backsweep riser. The Dream High-Rise has a 30° backsweep and an “up there” 70mm rise. A strong contender for turning old mountain bikes with their low stacks into more upright and practical get around town bikes.

All bars come in a 780mm width and are available in black or polished silver.

See more at SOMA.

Kitsbow’s Madrone Short is Designed By Women for Women $169

Kitsbow’s latest garment are the Madrone Short, which was designed to be a dirt short for women, coming in two inseam lengths (7″ and 11″) and three color choices. These shorts have details you’ve come to expect from Kitsbow, all made in North Carolina. Roll on over to Kitsbow to see more!


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo + illustration by @SouthernWonders

We love how some events inspire people to create art and as such, we’d like to commend Southern Wonders on this lovely piece. We’ll see ya at Mid South!

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