Radar Roundup: Bug Outs in Stock, Seido Components, Mission Longsleeve, and a NEW Hut to Hut in Utah!


Radar Roundup: Bug Outs in Stock, Seido Components, Mission Longsleeve, and a NEW Hut to Hut in Utah!

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Amigo Bug Out Framesets are in Stock!

Right after we featured the Amigo Frameworks Bug Out gravel/adventure bike in our 2021 Philly Bike Expo coverage, the pre-order of 20 frames sold out (including one to our editor Josh that we’ll be featuring here soon). Amigo made a few extra frames (small/medium/large) in the initial run and they’re available for sale now in a slightly darker tan color than the original batch. So, if you wanted one and missed out on the preorder, head on over to the Amigo Webstore!

Seido Components Launches

Bombtrack announced its component company, Seido, this week. SEIDO Components is derived from the Japanese Kanji “精度” meaning precision or accuracy. The brand is their new source for forks, wheels, cockpits, cranks. Everything but brakes and derailleurs. These components have been tested on extensive tours, gravel races, etc. Take a peek over at Seido.

Mission Workshop Pro Tech Tees $115

Mission Workshop makes some of the longest-lasting apparel and goods in the industry. Its new Pro Tech Tee : LS is constructed with an Italian open-knit dimensional mesh that exponentially increases surface area for breathability and rapid drying. Enhanced wicking is accomplished by two different yarns that create a differential that pulls moisture away from the body. Works perfectly as a base layer, a jersey alternative, or simply as a high-performance long-sleeve tee for everyday wear. Available for men and women and in stock now at Mission Workshop.



Aquarius Trail Hut System

We’re big fans of hut-to-hut bike touring and Southern Utah just got a new route and hut network, the Aquarius Trail Hut System:


“From the seat of your bike you will experience, Brian Head Peak at a towering 11,306ft, down Proctor Canyon into quaint little town of Hatch. Meander past the Tropic Reservoir and ride on into Red Canyon, home of the infamous Thunder Mountain Trail and the Red Canyon Bike Path. Keep exploring all the Dixie National Forest has to offer; like a big climb up to the scenic Powell Point where John Wesley Powell surveyed Southern Utah. In the days ahead you’ll enjoy remote hut accommodations, secret singletrack and fast descents to more beautiful places. You won’t want to miss this!”



Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @LaMarcheBikeCo

Tom LaMarche can make any bike ride look fun and in this photo, he jibs on his commuter bike…

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